Make the player attribute offset change in the Reqtificator externally configurable


ANoobInDisguise wants to adjust the overall health of humanoid NPCs in a mod he's developing. To achieve this in a clean way, he'd like to do this via editing the racial base health values. However, the Reqtificator prevents him from doing so because the player's health offset is forced to 0 and cannot be changed. Scripting changes for the player health has similar drawbacks as we faced back then when we moved this task to the Reqtificator and is thus not an option.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Health, Stamina and Magicka offsets set for the player by the Reqtificator can be configured by third party mods, e.g. via redefining global variables.

Testing instructions

create a SkyProc Patchers/Requiem/Data/Reqtificator_Requiem - Debug.esp.conf and overwrite some values from SkyProc Patchers/Requiem/Data/Reqtificator_Requiem.esp.conf, then run the Reqtificator and verify that the merged configuration was applied properly





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