Allow mods to override the default settings for the various warnings to ignore some checks automatically


Some mods would benefit from a simpler installation process if mod authors had the possibility to disable some of the sanity checks the Reqtificator does by default. Mod packs like Ultimate Skyrim would e.g. benefit if they can disable the 100 mods warning instead of having to tell the user to ignore it. Other modpacks that ported based on not official SSE versions of Requiem might benefit from the ability to disable the checks for the Oldrim-specific SKSE plugins.

Acceptance Criteria

  • all warnings that can be suppressed by the user can also be disabled via the Reqtificator configuration files provided by plugins

    • includes the warning to be introduced by

  • Reqtficator config files are moved to SkyProc Patchers/Requiem/config/<plugin name without suffix>/Reqtificator.conf

  • documentation for all features from this config file is added to Confluence

Testing instructions

  1. create a dummy plugin depending on Requiem.esp and a config file for it

  2. copy the new section from Reqtificator_Requiem.esp.conf into the config file and adapt it for your test cases

  3. run the Reqtificator to verify that the defaults set in your config file do suppress the warnings you disabled

Note: you only need to keep those keys in the extra config file you actually want to change. The other keys can be removed to improve compatibility between 3rd party mods.





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