Requiem 2.0.1 is now available

Hi guys and gals,

we are happy to annouce that Requiem 2.0.1 is now available for download at the Nexus. This bugfix pack addresses most of the important issues with Requiem 2.0.0 that have been reported so far. In particular it fixes "too-tough terrors" (Alduin and Centurions) and duplicate Unrelenting Force shouts. Also wait autosaves no longer cause any issues with regeneration rates and vampires can wait normally again. In addition to these we also added several other bugfixes and some tweaks to this version. See the full changelog for more details.

And in case you are mod author (or just a curious user (wink)) and missed the post-release announcement, you should also take a look at Automated keyword distribution via the Reqtificator, a powerful new Reqtificator feature.

An update to the service desk

As of today you can file a new kind of ticket at our service desk to report any typos, grammar issues or generally awkward wording in Requiem's texts. Please feel encouraged to report any such issues you might find in your journey. (smile)

-- The Requiem Dungeon masters

Hi guys and gals,

After the events of last week we have been working tirelessly to get Requiem 2.0.0 - "The Phantom Agony" released as soon as possible and here we are. The long awaited update is finally available!

As announced in previous blog posts, this version is published as a release candidate at first. It's a fully functional and feature-complete version, but you have to explicitly request it from Nexus in the files tab. If you just use the download buttons in the top toolbar, you'll get 1.9.4 instead. In a few weeks, Requiem 2.0.0 will become the new standard version at Nexus. In the meantime other mod authors can update their content to work with 2.0 and interested players can immediately start new adventures. Remember that a new game is strictly required for Requiem 2.0.0!

We are looking forward to your feedback on this new version. (smile) Balancing suggestions should be posted at Nexus or reddit and if you happen to find an actual bug, please report it at our Service Desk.

As a reminder, starting with this version, we are using semantic versioning, each Requiem version will be labeled with an X.Y.Z version stamp.

  • increments in X are major updates with breaking changes which strictly require a new game
  • increments in Y are content updates which can be applied mid-game
  • increments in Z are bugfix releases which can be applied mid-game

The most important changes of Requiem 2.0

Awesome Archery: The Marksman perk tree has been rearranged and archery bugs have been fixed. The Ranger perk (previously Fast Movement) only works with light bows and crossbows... but it only takes a little skill to acquire, and sneaking no longer breaks it. Heavy bow and crossbow users will find their weapons less draining. Even novices can send arrows winging their way over a distance, unless you're trying to be sneaky. Different parts of armor provide different arrow protection, with a simple keyword-based approach that modders can easily follow. Boots and gauntlets will no longer protect your innards! Perks can help you to overcome such arrow protection and skilled marksman might even find some weakspots in the armor plating of automatons. And silver arrows, advanced bolts and explosive bolts have all been given a make-over and are now distinct and beautiful.

Ferocious Fighting: Evasion perks grant a reduction to physical damage and an increase in evasion xp gain... but only if you wear no heavy armor. Bashing perks work with both shields and weapon bashes. Fortify armor still further with enchantments. But it's not all in your favour: effects which were formerly the exclusive privilege of players are now distributed to NPCs, who can use daedric weapons, warhammers and maces to pierce armor just as you do, and some bosses are even more dangerous... even when newly risen from their sarcophagi.

Luscious Lockpicking: With a more gradual difficulty curve, various chests are no longer out of your reach until you suddenly find inspiration. While some chests may still defy your talents, others will require true dexterity, and several lockpicks. Friends and hirelings are restricted by their own skills... and their morals. Lockpicking bonuses from different sources such as potions and enchantments can be combined and some unique items and effects will also help you to coax open more challenging locks. Mages no longer have to deal with quicksilver ore if they want to use arcane arts to unlock a lock, but the new "Knock" spells have their own twists...

Hearthfire Happiness: Hearthfire is now fully integrated. The three Hearthfire houses are available at low levels... though you still have to do some favours for the Jarls first. They'll grant you enough material to build a bed for the night, after which you might have to do some searching; stone and clay of suitable quality can be hard to find! And building the houses will actually take time...

Sumptuous Snacks: The cuisine of Skyrim has been refined for the most discerning palate. Stews remain stupendous, alcohol amazing, Hearthfire's ovens are outstanding and getting drunk is just delightful. Strong Nords won't be double-counting dragons after only a single ale, and a gulp of good booze might give you a useful edge. But beware; too much alcohol might have unexpected interactions with your breakfast stew!

Lighter Looting: Gold can weigh down the body as well as the soul. Gems and jewellery are more commonly found and often more valuable, and more merchants are willing to buy them for a fair price. Armor is easier to carry when you wear it, and arrows weigh much less than they did.

Banished Bugs: From horses that sound like catapults to mountain flower trickery, from misbehaving rune spells to overpowered vegetables, a multitude of bugs and unbalancing tweaks including those reported have been fixed.

Gripping Games: The language and wording of Requiem-specific messages and descriptions has been reworked for easier, more immersive reading, from the Reqtificator to initialization, to picking your character and playing the game. Mage difficulty tags are reverted to vanilla for consistency, summon spell names have also been made consistent and more immersive, and vampires will no longer drop dead immediately just for touching shiny things. With a meaner, leaner MCM, updated descriptions that you can actually read, and several other requested changes included, Requiem games will be smoother and more believable than ever before.

A Curious Quest: While adventuring you find a strange piece of paper. It looks like a fragment of something eerily familiar, but where are the other pieces? Help the Bard's College reassemble the lost work... and find out what really happened on Hogithum.

Legendarily Lazy: We no longer support USKP, and as such require all DLCs. Note that Dragonborn is disabled; the quest will not run and no radiant quests will send you to Solstheim without a suitable patch.

The full changelog can be found here.

The future of Requiem

Some of the major roadblocks towards a port to the Skyrim Special Edition have been resolved. As our next priority, we'll take a closer look at this topic ourselves and see if Requiem can be ported reasonably to the Special Edition. In parallel, we will also continue working on the 2.x series and publish further updates with content that didn't fit into 2.0. (smile)

-- The Requiem Dungeon Masters

Hi guys and gals,

As many of you probably already saw on reddit, Requiem's situation changed quite radically today.

Axonis decided to leave our team, and retroactively changed the usage permissions of Minor Arcana when doing so. His new permissions, which he also wants to apply to Requiem 2.0, are incompatible with Requiem's current permissions. Since considerable parts of Minor Arcana were already merged into the Requiem dev-version long ago, the 2.0 version cannot be released at this time. The expected release date we mentioned at reddit yesterday is no longer valid. Sorry to disappoint you all.

Since we have been taken by surprise by this just like you, we will now take our time and evaluate our options for the future. (We got informed about 10 minutes before the reddit announcement.) We will let you know when we have decided the future course of Requiem and when there's a new release date for Requiem 2.0.

Once we manage to get Requiem 2.0 out, we will evaluate our future options and decide if moving to the Special Edition now makes more sense or if we need to stay on Oldrim for the time being. Our move to 2.0 will come first, regardless.

The (remaining) Requiem Dungeon Masters

Hi guys and gals,

it has been some time since the last official status update on Requiem. I am sorry for the long waiting time, but real life takes precedence over this hobby project and we all had to deal with some important RL matters in the last months, e.g. I had to finish writing my PhD thesis. As a consequence, Requiem development has been almost on hold for several months, but now we're back in the game and working hard on getting the next version ready for release. This version will bring some important changes we already wanted to announce now. (smile)

EDIT: We actually forgot to mention one important new aspect of the new lockpicking system! The section has been updated to reveal the new smoother progression system.

A new versioning scheme which tells you whether the next version will need a new game

Until now, Requiem version numbers have been assigned based on developers' whim. Starting from the next release, we will follow a more strict assignment of version numbers. Each version will be denoted with a version number containing three components.

Requiem x.y.z
  • increments in x denote a major new version and a new game is mandatory
  • increments in y denote a feature update, existing savegames can be continued (but new games are encouraged)
  • increments in z are bugfixes releases and minor tweaks, existing savegames can be continued

You'll therefore be able to see whether you need a new game or can update mid-game from the version number of a release.

Following this scheme, the next release will be Requiem 2.0.0.

This means that starting a new game will be mandatory. I know that I said several times in the past that the next version would be backwards compatible, but back then this update was supposed to be much smaller in scope, essentially just a solution for the perk bug that made many high-level encounters in Requiem outrageously difficult after reloading a save game. Given the long time that has passed now and the massive increase in the content to be released, we decided to use this chance and include some features that cannot be implemented in a backwards compatible way.

Changes in the release schedule

So far, new Requiem versions were always launched as kind of a "surprise". The result was always a mixture of joy about the new release, and confusion and worries about which patches need an update. And in some cases also a bit of disaster when a previously undetected bug manifested itself as result of the interplay with other mods. (Those of you who remember the first version with the spell choices when picking main magic perks will know what I mean...)

To streamline the release process, we have decided to adopt a different approach for Requiem 2.0.0. It will be released as a kind of "early access", but it is important to note that the released version will not be a development version. It'll be the final, ready-to-ship Requiem 2.0. For the first few weeks, it'll be an optional file at the Nexus which you have to download explicitly from the files tab. Requiem 1.9.4 will remain the main version given to you when using the quick download button. A few weeks later, Requiem 2.0 will then become the new standard version at the Nexus. This advance access gives those of you eager to play the new version access to it as soon as it is ready, while patch-makers have some time to update their patches for the new version before it is officially rolled out.

Requiem goes part-time legendary

Requiem 2.0 will only support USLEEP and as a consequence, Requiem will require all DLCs. The Hearthfire DLC will be fully integrated into Requiem, extending on thetrader's patch. The Dragonborn DLC is not yet reqtified, but Requiem 2.0 will shield you from its content. You will not encounter the cultists or be able to travel to Solstheim. Also you won't find any Dragonborn items in Skyrim or be asked to solve radiant quests with Solstheim targets. You can therefore use mods that depend on Dragonborn without being drawn into the DLC's story line and unreqtified content. Of course, as before, you have the option to install a third-party patch for the DLC to explore Solstheim with Requiem.

And what new content does Requiem 2.0 offer?

As already announced in previous blog posts, most of the content from Axonis' "Minor Arcana" expansion has been merged. And crossbow bolts have new meshes and textures, including custom meshes for exploding bolts. In addition we have the following new features to offer:

A completely revised lockpicking system

The lockpicking system has been completely reworked and is now much more complex than before. In addition to your lockpicking skill, you will have a lockpicking expertise which determines the difficulty of the locks you can pick. Expertise can be gained from many sources like lockpicking perks, enchantments, potions or standing stone effects. In contrast to previous versions, bonuses from different sources now stack and drinking a potion or having the blessing of a standing stone can actually allow you to pick more complex locks than your perks alone would. Also you will now be notified if a lock is simply too challenging for you instead of letting you waste lockpick after lockpick trying to find the non-existing sweet spot. And we finally whip-lashed your followers until they vowed to obey our rules! They are now subject to the same rules as you and cannot open any locks beyond their expertise level. And depending on their expertise and the lock difficulty, they'll need quite some lockpicks to deal with the lock. While we were at it, we also gave your housecarls a crash course in ethics; they'll no longer commit any crimes on your behalf.

Also, lockpicking is overall less binary than before. Each lock complexity level is now either impossible, challenging or easy depending on your expertise. If the lock is impossible, you're not even able to enter the minigame and thus don't get any opportunity to waste your lockpicks. If a lock is challenging, you can try to unlock it, but the sweet spot is rather narrow and you'll likely have to invest several lockpicks to get it open. If the lock falls into the "easy" category, the sweet spot will widen considerably, making it easier to open the lock, but it won't be as trivial in 1.9.4. With this new schema, the lockpicking progression is now much smoother. If you only take the "Cheap Tricks" perk, you will already have enough expertise to make novice and apprentice locks easy. The new feature is that adept locks will already be considered challenging, so you can try your luck with these locks much earlier now, but at the expense of extra lockpicks. You don't need to wait until you reach lockpicking skill 50.

The arcane aspect of lockpicking also has been rebuilt from scratch. The infamous "Animate Lockpick" spell has been replaced by a spell named "Knock", which comes in several variants. These spells create a short ranged projectile that will try to unlock any locked door or container it hits. The more powerful the Knock spell variant you use, the more complicated locks you can handle with it. We also got rid of the material component aspect, but in turn this spell now makes as much noise as an ogre with a battering ram...

Hearthfire Integration

As mentioned before, the Hearthfire DLC is now fully integrated into Requiem. Most importantly, building your new homestead is no longer instantaneous. Each building operation for the house now lets time pass depending on the complexity of the task. Building the foundation or walls for a new room of the house will take considerably more time than adding a new trophy to a wall. Also, building materials are now a bit harder to acquire in terms of availability and prices. However, all Hearthfire homestead locations are now available in the early stages of the game. You no longer need to complete any quests with high-level foes to acquire the plot of land of your choice, though you'll still have to prove your worth to the local authorities by doing a few favors for them or their citizens.

Arrow Resistance Overhaul

The arrow resistance from armors has been completely reworked and is now more balanced. Chest pieces provide the bulk of your arrow protection and the protection is no longer perfect. A trained marksman has a good chance to break through some of these defenses with each shot.

The arrow resistance granted by armors is now handled by dedicated keywords which can be assigned either by hand or automatically via the Reqtificator according to a set of rules. Patch-authors and extension-writers can extend these rules to handle their new content and even use the system to distribute completely different sets of keywords to all armors in the game for writing completely new features.

The burden of gold coins

Gold weight has always been a controversial feature in Requiem because the amount of cash required for some major investments like buying a house or horse fills up a significant part of your inventory in the early game. To address this problem without creating lore/dialogue inconsistencies, we decided to put more emphasis on gems and jewellery as trading goods. The values and weights of these items have been adjusted such that even a " mead-crazed Nord berserker" without any bartering skill and perks will get a superior value-to-weight ratio even from the cheapest gems like garnets and amethysts. Rarer gems and high-quality jewellery with gem ornamentation now provide vastly superior weight-to-value ratios compared to ordinary coins. Also, the common gems and jewellery pieces can now be found more often. Bandits will have less gold on average, but drop common gems and jewellery items more often. Also, the beloved coin pouches now often contain one or more gems.

The Examine power

The well-known search power has been upgraded to "examine" and can now also be used to get information about the health state of the inspected creature or NPC. It of course retains its original purpose of opening your horse's saddle bags and taking your war trophies from yielding bandits.

Better Booze, Skooma and Food

While we were busy, Skyrim's Nords had one drinking tournament after the other. As a consequence, they are no longer wannabe-vikings hitting the floor after a single bottle of ale or mead. Alcoholic beverages now make you gradually drunk depending on the strength of your drinks. Food also has been reworked completely to make stews less overpowered and put more emphasis on long term effects. Furthermore, food now interacts more with alcohol. If you're drunk as hell, your favourite stew won't have much effect on you besides filling your belly. And Skooma now offers a completely new experiences with several levels of highness and other effects...

MCM house cleaning

We decided to remove several MCM options which have significant effect on the balance of the gameplay and make it hard for us to deliver a consistent game-play experience. These removed options include e.g. the spell casting penalties in heavy armor and the weight of gold and arrows. These options either had a dramatic impact on the balance that could not be counteracted (like the armor casting penalties) or they have been replaced by more balanced mechanisms that made these options no longer necessary.

LOOT support

For those of who who haven't noticed it yet, thetrader was working very hard to teach LOOT how to properly handle a Requiem-based load order. The result of his hard work has been merged into the LOOT masterlists already, thus any LOOT installation with up-to-date masterlists will give you a decent Requiem load order that should require only a few manual tweaks if any at all.

Tons of minor bugfixes and balance tunings, internal clean up

In addition to the previously mentioned major new features, we of course also added a multitude of minor bug fixes and balancing edits. Want a few examples? Here are some highlights from our "minor edits" sections:

  • Automatons are no longer almost immune to any non-daedric weapons. Instead they now have a high armor rating and are thus subject to normal armor piercing rules. If you have strong armor piercing attacks, you can now take on these machines without daedric gear.
  • Speed modifications due to low stamina are now applied immediately.
  • Powershot no longer triggers the stagger effect on enemies before they are actually hit, which caused them to "dodge" out of harm's way.
  • Vampirism is now cured correctly without any left-over effects.
  • The sometimes incorrectly triggered custom race warning is fixed and will no longer report false positives.
  • Reanimated zombies will no longer turn to dust when they pass through a load door, but will still decay normally when the effect naturally expires if you don't have the Dark Infusion perk.
  • The perk "Oblivion Lore" is now known as "Cognitive Flexibility" and allows you to control multiple servants of any type, i.e. it now also supports the Simulacra from Illusion.
  • Potions and enchantments that fortify your stamina regeneration rates now also negate the stamina drain from running to become actually useful.
  • The mutation perks from alchemy now actually consume the ingredients you need. Say farewell to your belowed daedra heart!

Since Requiem 2.0 is not backwards compatible, we also used this opportunity to get rid of legacy ballast records and drastically improved the EditorIDs of the remaining records. If you're a patch-maker/addon-writer you should now have it much easier to navigate the plugin.

We have a few more surprises in store too, but these will be announced later. 

And where's the release date?!

Well, that's a good question. As you should know by now, I don't annouce any explicit release dates before I am certain that I can hold to them. Let's just say that the features I revealed here are the majority of the content in Requiem 2.0 and are either already fully merged or in their final stages of the internal review. There's one bigger feature left to do on our planned list and the remaining open issues are minor tasks like e.g. further improving the Reqtificator's error diagnosis. So the release date is as always "When it's done", but I'm optimistic that despite a still challenging RL situation (PhD thesis is submitted, but the defense lies ahead...) it's actually "when it's done later this year". (Lächeln)

Dear Requiem players,

We could use some help from you with testing a rather special issue. (smile)

Requiem is famous for removing the innate health regeneration on player races and for enforcing this rule for sleeping. If you sleep without any healing effects in Requiem 1.9.4, your health will not be recovered. If, however, you sleep with even a minor healing effect, your health will be fully recovered. I'll just say "blue mountain flower"...

For the last weeks, we have been busy developing a new approach to healing while sleeping or waiting: Your healing effects will apply during sleep as they would during normal gaming, sleeping will be more effective than waiting, and abusing either will temporarily reduce their efficacy. This will improve your game by encouraging natural behaviors and removing cheats.

This means your blue mountain flowers now have the same effect as they would if you chewed them on the road. If this sounds harsh, remember that healing poultices are easy to make and are excellent remedies for starting characters – and remain useful for veterans as well. Applied before sleep, a healing poultice can restore a lot of health! Of course if you repeat this too often you'll receive a message that you've been "idling too much" and it won't be as effective, but active gaming will eventually restore your sleep to its full potency.

This could only be achieved by removing a hardcoded engine "feature". So, a few days ago we contacted Meh321 (author of crash fixes, lip sync fix, bug fixes etc) with the request. Actually we asked Meh321 to also remove another, even more annoying engine "feature" – the so-called "Legendary Skills" absurdity introduced by Bethesda in Skyrim 1.9.

Meh321 kindly responded to our request with a SKSE plugin that deals with both problems. And here is where we need your help: while we have tested the plugin and we believe it's working perfectly, this is "new waters" for us, and therefore we're asking you to participate in our beta-tests.

Installation Instructions

We cannot guarantee that any savegame with this beta-feature installed will be upgradeable to the 1.10 release version. Please make a hard save before installing this beta feature. We assume that they can be updated later, but we really cannot guarantee it.

The included archive contains a patch that introduces the new plugin-based sleep system. You can install it with your mod manager and you should enable it after Requiem for the Indifferent.esp. Reload your game and Requiem will update itself.

  File Modified
File Requiem - New Sleep System TEST.7z Dec 22, 2016 by ogerboss

Testing Instructions

  • Legendary Skills: Raise a skill to 100 (eg. player.advskill onehanded 10000000) and check that nothing related to the "Legendary skills" feature appears on that tree in the UI.
  • Healing System
    • Effects that improve your regeneration rates (such as healing poultices and potions of regeneration but not normal healing potions or auras) are more potent during sleeping than waiting.
    • After long periods of waiting or sleeping (more than 10 hours in a row), the power of those effects will reduced for sleeping or almost negated for waiting. The maximum duration for this penalty is 4 game hours: if you keep playing normally for this duration, your next sleep will not be penalized.
    • Any other healing effect is not affected and applies in the same manner it would during normal gaming. For example when you are seriously wounded, quaff a cheap healing potion and then sleep immediately: your health should be restored by the same amount as if you hadn't slept at all.
  • Stability: We are also very interested about reports on the stability of this beta version. If you experience CTDs (or more than before if your Skyrim was already modded to the limit and somewhat unstable) after installing this beta, we definitely want to hear about it. We would therefore appreciate it if some users could give this version a more extensive test and use it at least for a few hours.

If you have any more questions about this feature or the testing instructions, please feel free to ask us.

– The Requiem Dungeon Masters

Hi guys and gals,

as most of you probably know already, the "Special Edition" (SE) of Skyrim has been released recently. Since the number of posts with titles like "Please port Requiem to the SE!" and "Will there be a Requiem version for the SE?" has increased considerably in the last few days, we've decided to answer your most important questions here.

Will there be a Requiem for the SE?

We really don't know.

It's currently impossible to port Requiem to the Skyrim Special Edition because Requiem requires the Skyrim Script Extender. Once SKSE is ported to SE, we can look at other dependencies such as:

  • SkyUI and its MCM features
  • the SkyProc library
  • Fixes for reported mesh or texture incompatibilities
  • Resolutions for the current issue of non-official ESM files disobeying plugins.txt (we make Requiem into an ESM during development)
  • Fixes for reports at the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. It seems that a good number of forms are behaving differently compared to classic Skyrim.

Once all our dependencies are available for the SE, we'll look into portability and then make a decision on if and when we will port Requiem. In any case we will finish our work on Requiem 1.10 (formerly known as Requiem 1.9.5) first.

And what about my Xbox or Playstation?

We have no plans to make Requiem available for consoles, for several reasons:

  • It seems unlikely that there will be a Script Extender for either console... and no scripts, meshes, or just about anything else for the Playstation. Most of Requiem's features rely on the Skyrim Script Extender. We don't want to remove or water down those features, as then it wouldn't be Requiem any more.
  • We would also have problems developing and bug-hunting on consoles, since nobody on the team has one or wants to have one.
  • And of course, we'd need to solve the problem of generating the SkyProc patch.

So, what should I be expecting from Requiem 1.10?

As you already know from our last blog post, the next version will contain many features from Minor Arcana and also new custom meshes and textures for the crossbow bolts. But of course Requiem 1.10 will have a lot more to offer! Here are a few highlights from the upcoming version:

  • A completely reworked arrow resistance system: different armor parts provide different degrees of protection, different materials offer different levels of protection and the Gruesome Shot perks become more important.
  • A lore-friendly implementation of Skooma unmatched by any other mod.
  • An overhaul to foods and alcohol that should provide you with a great alternative if you don't like hunger mods.
  • A new approach to sleep & healing that rewards natural sleeping patterns and elevates the importance of healing poultices.
  • An upgrade to the Search power which now also allows you to examine your nearby horse or NPCs to check their health.

... and more features to be revealed later. (smile)

Your Requiem Dungeon Masters

Hi guys and gals,

Behind the scenes we're busy discussing what tweaks need to happen now and what things will become features of Requiem 2.0. We might actually get around to writing something for it some day! In the meantime we're laughing at your attempts to upset our fan base and our dev team, enjoying your videos, helping more and more people install the mod, and... finding bugs.


Update, 1st July 2016

meh321, the author of the well known Crash fixes, has released a new mod named Bug Fixes, which solves the bug detailed in this blog post. So instead of troubling yourself with multiple reloads every time, you should check out his new work!


One that has finally been revealed is confirmed to be a bit of a killer, so we've got some workarounds for you:

When you load a saved game, some perk effects may be applied twice on nearby actors, making them too powerful. This is a engine problem and affects the vanilla game too, but given Requiem's emphasis on perks and their great potency, particular in the magic department, this issue becomes much more severe than in the base game.

Here are a couple of videos that show how you can reproduce the bug. The first is based on an unmodded vanilla Bandit while the second is based on a Warlock using a Requiem-style modded destruction perk. (Watch these on YouTube directly to see the annotations.)


To put it plainly, when you first reload a saved game:

  • high-level bandits one-shot you... more than normal...
  • mages are sometimes divinely empowered avatars of Elminster which must be killed before they can do anything
  • Irileth drops the wounded dragon within seconds (because of her hidden dragonkiller perk)
  • occasionally shades in Kilkreath Temple are nearly invincible

you get the idea.

Given the seriousness of this issue, we have decided that we will release another version of the 1.9.x series to address this issue as best as we can. Requiem 1.9.5 "Rise of the Chaos Wizards" will provide the following options to help you dealing with this problem:

  • A reminder to reload your game a 2nd time. This is very safe to use and seems to be effective. To help you remember, the next release of Requiem will display a reminder message. Once you've learned to adopt this excellent habit, or if you just prefer to die painfully, you'll be able to switch the message off in the MCM.

  • Hold down the Left Shift key while loading your game. Requiem will switch to an alternative reloading mechanism that effectively purges your current cell and fixes the problem. However, this causes any nearby NPCs to lose their applied magic effects, so animated zombies will turn to dust, enemy mages will have to recast their magic armor, etc. Always effective, but unfair to your enemies when used during combat.
  • Do nothing and reload your game normally. Considering that the bug only affects loaded NPCs, any saves made in safe locations such as cities are not affected by the bug.

Unfortunately, this seems to be an engine bug, so we're still looking for more effective ways to work around it. But Perfect is often the worst enemy of Good, so we're announcing this now.

Do not use Quickload or automated death reloads!

Quickloads and the automatic reload on player death (which is disabled by default in Requiem) will not work to solve this issue. A manual load from the game menu is required. You do not need to quit to the main menu.


Chaos Wizard Removal Kit

Coming soon... but not soon enough for this poor guy

The good news is...

In more positive news, "Rise of the Chaos Wizards" will of course contain a few other things besides a fix for this dreaded bug. We are proud to announce that most of the changes made by Minor Arcana will be integrated into the base mod. And MaGlas has also prepared some fancy tools for you to defend yourself against those evil Chaos Wizards.

Stay tuned for more, and keep an eye out for frostbite spiders! And warlocks. And shades. And bandits. And mages, and... well, anything else with a perk.

A hotfix for Requiem 1.9.4


Hi guys and gals,


We have to deploy a small, but urgent hotfix for Requiem 1.9.4. As Rattledagger found out, our new killcam-restrictions can break a few scripted scenes involving dragons devouring NPCs. These may range from cosmetic annoyances to breaking the main quest.

The fix removes NPC protection from dragon killmoves leaving killmoves executed by humanoids unchanged. Additionally, Talos will no longer refuse his blessing if you finish the Paarthurnax quest without killing Paarthurnax. This is possible if you're using mods such as Paarthurnax Bypass or Dilemma.

Please download it from our files section at the Nexus and install it on top of your existing 1.9.4 installation.


When Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager ask you, merge with the original 1.9.4 files, do not overwrite them. The hotfix only contains the updated main plugin.



The Requiem team are proud to bring you the 1.9.4 full release! Download it from the Nexus now.

This extensive update provides exciting new features, exterminates several bugs found during installation and in-game, and refines a few balance issues that were flying under the radar.

  • Dead Dragon Fix - We cured a particular breed of dragon from their fatal allergy to the ground!
  • Deadly Dawnguard - The Dawnguard, who have been struggling slightly against the vampires since Requiem messed with their crossbows, got a shipment of advanced and refined weaponry. They can now outperform guards and bandits significantly, helping regain their technological advantage in ranged combat.
  • Rocking Reqtification - The Reqtificator has been improved in both usage and function, and will now give you more detailed information about missing masters.
  • Bits and Bobs - You’ll notice a few actor edits that further polish gameplay, especially with our lovely horses. We also made some nice lore-related behavioral fixes to a particularly nasty bunch of tower-based bandits, several balancing tweaks to spell power and experience gain, several item keyword edits and an update to USLEEP 3.0.2b. We removed some redundant edits to game files too.
  • Bolts and Bangs - Not only did we kill a tricky crossbow-reload-related bug, we're giving you a bunch of new ammunition to shoot into your foes' faces, so crossbow users enjoy the same exciting bang-per-bolt that bow archers have enjoyed.
  • Brilliant Books - Finally, you’ll able to see some of the lore-friendly writing that our expanded team is capable of in our newly detailed tomes, especially those related to the noble arts of exotic material crafting.

These were also available in the pre-release... but there's more!

  • Training Tips - Your available training options can now be discovered through a beautifully written guide, instead of searching the Internet.
  • Julianos Joy - The Blessing of Julianos is correctly expanded after reading 100 books (but please DO read them, don't just open and close them).
  • Awesome Archery - Daedric arrows and bolts will now deal much greater damage to dwarven constructs and daedra. Sunhallowed arrows deal much greater damage, especially against undead. Bloodcursed arrows are more piercing.
  • Dart Damage - Dart trap damage is corrected; still lethal for low level characters, but high levels with good armor can withstand a few darts.
  • Manic Monks - The Martial Arts perk no longer affects weapons, but it offers increased boxing damage output.
  • Lucky Lockpicking - Rings of Peerless Lockpicking can open adept locks.

Pre-release users, please do upgrade to the full version.

How to Upgrade from 1.9.3 / 1.9.4 pre-release

You don't need a new game! Some new content might only apply if you start a new game... but we still recommend upgrading.

1.9.4 will upgrade smoothly with your existing game, and runs with 1.9.3 patches in most cases (the worst that happens is you get 1.9.3 values for some new content).

Download it, replace the existing version of Requiem and re-run the Reqtificator.

Please note that updating from the 1.9.4 pre-release to the real 1.9.4 version will not trigger the usual update message. (smile)


A Permissions Reminder

Please note that we have relaxed some of the permissions for reuse in 1.9.4, but will be returning to the IronfistTM approach for the 2.0 release. Check the "P" tab on the Nexus for details.


There have been rumors that Belethor would be our authorized reseller for Requiem 1.9.4 ...

The Requiem 1.9.4 "Chasing The Dragon" Pre-Release is Here!

For the brave amongst you, the Pre-Release is now downloadable from the Nexus - you'll have to go to the Files tab to get it.

(Missed the announcement about the pre-release? No problem, just read 1.9.4 Blog: Bugs, Bandits, Bolts, Books and Buddies! for a quick explanation how it differs from a standard Requiem release and why we are doing it.

The update should be suitable for a mid-game update, but please back up your saves before installing this version, for the reasons explained in the previous blog. (smile)

Curious about what exactly 1.9.4 will feature, but not the adventurous type? Please join the queue on the left and you will be served shortly. And take a gander at our changelog in the meantime!

Permission changes for the final 1.9.4 release

We're unlocking some of our permissions for other modders for the final 1.9.4 release. This means that modders and fans will be able to create their own bug fixes and add-ons without our explicit prior permission. As long as Requiem.esp remains a required master, please feel free to patch Requiem 1.9.4 to your heart's desire.

These new permissions do not apply to future Requiem versions. We will continue to maintain our IronfistTM approach in regards to both beta and main releases of Version 2.0 and later. Please respect our work, and our development process, once 2.0 is released—trust us, you don't want to build anything off our initial beta releases of 2.0 anyway, as iterative beta changes will likely break whatever you create!



 Those whom it affects, should click here to expand the annotated new permissions of 1.9.4...
Re-Uploading and Conversions
  • You are not allowed to upload this mod or parts of it to other sites without our explicit permission.
  • You are not allowed to convert this mod or parts of it to work on other games under any circumstances.

Nothing has changed here.

  • You are not allowed to use any assets from Requiem for independent mods (any mod which works without Requiem being installed) without our explicit prior permission.
  • You are not allowed to use any meshes or textures from Requiem. Most of the textures, meshes, and artwork are the work of other people. If you want to use them, read our credits and send your permission request to the original authors.
  • You are not allowed to modify the Reqtificator in any way.
  • You can edit the Papyrus scripts from Requiem and ship modified versions with your patches, addons and bugfixes.

You no longer have to ask for permission to release a modified version of Requiem's scripts, so long as you adhere to the above.

Compatibility patches, Improvement Addons and Bugfixes
  • You need no explicit permission from us if your patch/extension esp is not a modified copy of the Requiem.esp, but has it as a master file.
  • Artwork resources for Requiem patches artworks from Vallen128 are available at our Confluence Wiki.
  • We hope your work will stay true to the vision of Requiem, providing immersive, challenging gameplay.

You no longer have to ask for permission to make improvement addons or bugfixes, so long as you adhere to the above.  We recognize that the previous requirement to stay true to the vision was unenforceable and would lead to people asking for permission anyway, defeating the purpose of unlocking these permissions. However, if you make extensions with super-powered equipment and followers with enough perks that they're practically gods, we're going to laugh at you. (tongue)

  • You need no explicit permission from us if your translation esp is not a modified copy of the Requiem.esp, but has it as a master file.
  • Please note that you also have to translate the MCM textfile, which is located in Interface/Translations.

Nothing has changed here.

"Visual" Addons

<no longer needed> 

You never needed permissions for modifying look template actors and / or look template lists. You can now do more than this with our unlocked permissions for compatibility patches etc.


A Plug for Minor Arcana

Our devs are so productive, not only do they contribute to Requiem, but they produce their own favourite tweaks as well! Axonis has patched several aspects of Requiem's brave new world, and has released these Minor Arcana for your delectation and delight. From Axonis himself:

Firstly, a lot of the content that was intended in this mod has already been implemented to Requiem and also some of it was submitted to and accepted by the USLEEP. With Requiem 1.9.4 (coming soon!) you'll be able to enjoy all aspects of this mod.

Secondly, I wanted to work on this on a personal level because many changes are based on my personal game. For example, most players and even myself will have a hard time to accept the fact that Barbas will only be following them in the wilderness or his quest related locations. If this was imported to Requiem it could possibly cause an uproar.

So, this mod will stay personal for the time, but if I see a great interest by other players then yes, I'll definitely discuss it with the rest of the team.

So, if you're fed up of being sent to vampire lairs to recover a mere Iron Axe of Fire, or you don't like the way entire towns get wiped out by Necromancers, or the Forsworn don't quite seem dedicated enough to their cause, this mod might be for you. Check the description to see the many changes that this mod makes.

This is what commonfolk and bandits call a dwemer crossbow...

We’ve got a few announcements for today. Not only have we managed to sign some serious new talent to the Requiem Dungeon Masters, we haven’t let up the pace of development on the current version, either. The road to Requiem 2.0 continues!

Today's menu:

New Team Members

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive influx of applications, the Requiem Dev Team—the Dungeon Masters—has now grown to include three new Dragon-masked faces:

  • Ludovician – As both an international management consultant and fantasy author, we're pleased to have Ludovician take time away from her busy jet-set schedule to join the team with a stunningly creative and polished writing ability. You'll see some of her work in our new crafting tomes, with plenty more where that came from.
  • MaGlas – Our new mesh and modeling expert is already hard at work building beautiful assets that will be unique to Requiem. With his work already appearing in the form of our "Dwemer Crapbow" (as Ogerboss affectionately calls it), he brings superb development skills along with his visual talent.
  • Stridercal – In the boring real world, Stridercal has been an editor for several international publications, and also claims past writing credits as part of T3nd0’s Perkus Maximus dev team. He's working alongside Ludovician to craft new descriptions, even more lore books, and other Requiem-related media.

These three fresh victims volunteers join the Dungeon Masters to form a truly international modding team, working—literally—around the clock. Utilizing modern software development tools, this group is passionate and poised to bring about the best Skyrim experience to date. We are thrilled with our current team's size and composition. However, we intend to crowd-source several elements in the future, and possibly expand the team as development continues, so be sure to stay tuned to this blog for all the latest news.

And for all you folks with the same questions on your mind: Yes, we know you want details for Requiem 2.0. You want timeframes; you want sneak peeks of new features… we get it! We’re just getting warmed up for 2.0, but rest assured, you’ll be hearing more as we continue to develop this expansive update.

Till then: Watch the skies, travelers.

...but Durak only trusts his high-quality vampire hunter crossbow and his sister-in-arms.

Version 1.9.4 pre-release ready for download in a few days!

Don't you just hate it when you walk through a door and get ambushed by vampires you didn't even see? The Requiem dev team hates that too, and we don't want to do that to you.

Last time we made a release, there were a couple of bugs (which we think we've fixed). Back in 1.9.3, Requiem was an "Ogerocracy" with Ogerboss as the only developer. Other team-mates were all testers and advisers. Since then the team has grown, and each of us can be both a tester and developer at the same time, if we want to. This kind of parallel development can be even more complex and called for a new workflow. (Technical details: we made Requiem into a master for easier merging and turned it back at the end.)

Because we've never tried this workflow before, we want to be as confident as we possibly can that this new process did not introduce any issues, like, you know, vampires where you didn't expect them. Or dragons suffering sudden fatal heart attacks. Therefore, we're providing a pre-release for the brave.

It'll be the full 1.9.4 package, downloadable from the files tab on the Nexus, but we won't set it as the primary version and we will not update the "latest version" index. We'll give it a couple of weeks, and when we're sure that our new workflow didn't break anything, we'll formally release it and update it to become the default and latest version.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any open questions about this pre-release strategy.

What's changing in 1.9.4?

This extensive update provides exciting new features, exterminates several bugs found during installation and in-game, and refines a few balance issues that were flying under the radar.

  • Dead Dragon Fix - We cured a particular breed of dragon from their fatal allergy to the ground!
  • Deadly Dawnguard - The Dawnguard, who have been struggling slightly against the vampires since Requiem messed with their crossbows, got a shipment of advanced and refined weaponry. They can now outperform guards and bandits significantly, helping regain their technological advantage in ranged combat.
  • Rocking Reqtification - The Reqtificator has been improved in both usage and function, and will now give you more detailed information about missing masters.
  • Bits and Bobs - You’ll notice a few actor edits that further polish gameplay, especially with our lovely horses. We also made some nice lore-related behavioral fixes to a particularly nasty bunch of tower-based bandits, several balancing tweaks to spell power and experience gain, several item keyword edits and an update to USLEEP 3.0.2b. We removed some redundant edits to game files too.
  • Bolts and Bangs - Not only did we kill a tricky crossbow-reload-related bug, we're giving you a bunch of new ammunition to shoot into your foes' faces, so crossbow users enjoy the same exciting bang-per-bolt that bow archers have enjoyed.
  • Brilliant Books - Finally, you’ll able to see some of the lore-friendly writing that our expanded team is capable of in our newly detailed tomes, especially those related to the noble arts of exotic material crafting.

Axonis's Anti-Crashing Suggestion

There's another topic that always returns in discussions both of Skyrim in general and Requiem in particular: Crashes to Desktop (or CTD for short), especially during combat. Axonis worked a lot on cleaning up Requiem's sometimes erratic edits to killmoves for Requiem 1.9.4 and to test his changes, he unleashed the Civil War hell upon Skyrim with some interesting insights about CTDs:

I've recently did a Requiem/Civil War Overhaul speedrun for testing purposes; I needed to test our new killmove approach as well as some playability issues in my CWO patch for Requiem.

In my past experiences, the question in such a case wasn't if the game would crash, but when. Despite my efforts in messing with settings, from default values to the silliest nonsense you'd find on the net, my game would often crash in combat. This was so annoying for me that I had to make a mod for the specific purpose of safely autosaving every x minutes.

But this time I didn't have a single crash. This was about 3 weeks ago and up to this moment, I still haven't had a single crash in any test I've done*.

Why ? Well, most probably because I had installed meh321's Crash Fixes prior to that.

This SKSE plugin seems, according to the author, to fix the problem at its core, which is engine bugs. It won't redeem a game that has been plagued with badly written mods or stupid settings, but in my case it allowed me to enjoy a game as crash free as I was dreaming for months if not years.

I'm also using ENBoost for performance and have set defaultHeapInitialAllocMB at SKSE.ini to 512 as Boris had recently suggested. These however do not fix those engine issues, which Crash Fixes apparently does.

I have used the plugin with default settings.

* includes a full completion of the Ancient Technology quest in speedmult=300% This quest involved starting Dawnguard, fighting vampires and then locating/cleaning 6 different locations in Skyrim.

In our efforts to increase usage of our list merger, we've introduced a feature to allow you retain the integrity of important lists in your Requiem-dependent mod or patch. We thus provide the option to request exclusive edit rights on selected Leveled Items and Characters.

To use the feature you need to add the form ID of your list into Requiem's

REQ_FL_LLMerge_MediumPriority [xAD36E6]
REQ_FL_LLMerge_HighPriority [xAD36E7]

form lists. You don't need to worry about your edits overwriting other edits on the these lists, since the Reqtificator is reading them separately from each plugin in your load order. 

The medium priority form list informs the Reqtificator which lists are to be preserved against non-privileged edits. Therefore, any list that is added to the medium list, will be copied, unmerged, to Requiem for the Indifferent.esp. This means your edits will also be unmodified by any other Requiem-patch that's loaded after your own.

The High priority list performs similarly, but they take precedence over requests from the medium priority list.

In case two or more plugins request medium or high priority for the same Leveled List, load order defines which one is carried over to Requiem for the Indifferent.esp.

We hope that this feature will allow your work to perform as intended and that you no longer need to ask your users to stop using the merger options. At the same time, we recommend that you use this feature sparingly and only after you make sure that you are not satisfied with the merging operations of the Reqtificator.

Technical Details

Assuming the list merging options are activated, the Reqtificator goes through the following steps to decide what to do with a Leveled List:

  1. check if the last mod overwriting the LL has Requiem.esp as a master. If not, stop here and merge nothing.
  2. check if any Requiem-patch requests high-priority edit rights. If so, copy the LL's content from the last patch doing so and stop here.

  3. check if any Requiem-patch requests medium-priority edit rights. If so, the LL's content will be copied from the last patch doing so and "merging" is finished.

  4. identify all Requiem-patches editing the LL and merges their content following the usual rules

Additional LL-operations like unpacking compact Leveled Lists and ActorVariations are then performed as usual in any case.

Hi guys and gals,

Update 7.2.2016

Thanks a lot for your massive participation! We are happy to announce that we found new team members for all open positions. (smile) (More details will be announced in the next blog post.)

now that 1.9.3 is released, we started moving on towards Requiem 2.0. For this endeavour we would like to recruit new team members to expand the set of skills of our dev team. So far we always used assets from other, already released mods whose authors kindly gave use their permissions, but this is of course a limiting factor because you can only use what already exists and has the right permissions. So we would like to complement these assets with some home-brewed stuff. In particular we are looking for:

  • A writer to rework existing texts and also write new ones, for example books.
  • Someone skilled with textures and/or meshes for all kinds of inanimate objects, be it weapons, armors or misc clutter items.

If you feel you are comfortable with one or more of those skills, and you have a passion for Requiem and you'd like to shape its future through a long term but stress-free commitment then you shouldn't wait! Contact us now and show us some samples of your work such as:

  • links to postings to show your writing skill in fantasy lore
  • a writing-related mod you've published
  • any texture/mesh related mod you've published

Don't have anything published yet to showcase your skills? No problem, we also have some suggestions for Requiem-related content that you could create to show us your talent:

  • a book about your favourite monster type, similar to the Bestiary of Skyrim but with more details on your chosen monster
  • a few bounty announcement letters for the radiant quests (see UESP: Bandits, Forsworn, Giants and Dragons) that are specific to the target location, i.e. they should state why the foes at the chosen location are troublesome and contain travel advices that allow you to find the target location without the usage of quest and map markers (starting from the hold capital)
  • copper and silver coins with different shapes or sizes
  • violet or green gem dust (gem dust crafted from amethysts or emeralds)

Did you know that about 120 booze bottles fit into the sarcophagus of a Draugr?!



And what do we provide?

  • a passionate, friendly and helpful team; we can argue like hell, but we really get together
  • an efficient development environment with a powerful issue tracker, wiki editor, internal discussion tools etc
  • a stress-free development workflow - Requiem development is not time-critical and we all know and respect real-life priorities.

How can I apply?

We have prepared and simple and informal submission form at our Service Desk. In case you didn't use our Service Desk before, you'll have to sign up at first. The previous blog post "The Requiem Service Central goes online: Better installation support and bug report investigation" gives you a short overview about this tool. (smile) Please note that all submitted data is confidential and can only be viewed by the Requiem Dungeon Masters.

Hi guys and gals,

It has taken a while, but we have finally finished Requiem 1.9.3, which is available for download at the Nexus now. (smile)

Time to answer the two most significant questions users always have after the release of a new version: What new features does it have and can you update without starting a new game?

Let's start with the short version of the feature list:

  • Requiem is now fully compliant to the unofficial patches and works with both the traditional Unofficial Skyrim/Dawnguard patch combo as well as the new Legendary Edition.
  • Requiem is now shipped as a fomod-ready archive. All optional files that were previously selectable in the Reqtificator or had to be installed manually can now be chosen comfortably at installation time.
  • Many gameplay-tweaks from Axonis' fixpack have been incorporated into the base mod.
  • Some smaller new features, among them merchants that sell staffs, crossbows and bolts.
  • Unnecessary edits have been removed from the plugin ("cleaning")
  • More bug fixes, as usual. (smile)

As for updating to the new version mid-game, there are no special pitfalls. You can install the new version, rebuild the SkyProc patch and update the core scripts as usual. Before you update, you should check which unofficial patch variant your compatibility patches and other mods require, if any.

Did you ever wonder how the Requiem Dungeon Masters get rid of nasty bugs?

Updating from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3

You can continue your saved games after updating to 1.9.3, a new game is not required.

(skyrim) How does the compliance with the Unofficial Patches work? (skyrim)

Most of the fixes have been ported directly into the core plugin. But a few fixes from the Unofficial Patches require an explicit dependence on their plugins, therefore Requiem 1.9.3 ships with two new plugins:

  • Requiem - Bugsmasher Edition.esp - this file depends on the Unofficial Skyrim and Dawnguard Patches, i.e. it only requires the same DLCs as the core plugin.
  • Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp - this file depends on the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, i.e. it requires all official DLCs to work.

You can choose which one you want to use during the installation with our new fomod-installer. Which one you choose, is up to you and usually depends on which DLCs you have and which version of the unofficial patches your other mods require. They are functionally equivalent, i.e. the legendary version does not reqtify any Dragonborn or Hearthfires content. Whichever plugin you choose, load it directly after the Requiem.esp. Please note that you will not be eligible for any support from us, if you decide not to use one of these plugins.

(skyrim) And which other new features and tweaks does the new version have? (skyrim)

The most significant new feature is the merge of most of Axonis' tweaks, among them are for example:

  • Revised Training Costs - Training sessions will now be cheaper and more affordable at low skill levels, but in return the training sessions for high-skill levels become considerably more expensive.
  • Tutorial Dragon Tweaks- The dragon in Helgen no longer has a fireball shout, which makes it less likely to be one-shotted in the tutorial before reaching the keep.
  • Thunder Tweaks - Your favorite Atronach should no longer slaughter nearby villages to fight boredom.
  • Horse Tweaks - Horses are now marked as safe storage containers. Also the proper Requiem horses will respawn at the stables if your horse dies.

Furthermore, we also have several brand-new tweaks in store. (smile)

  • Crossbows and Staffs for sale - Some merchants in Skyrim now sell crossbows (and bolts) or staffs (the one you need to enchant magic staffs yourself). On rare occasions, you might even find glass or ebony variants for sale...
  • Helgen Tweaks - Axonis carefully reviewed the tutorial in Helgen and made several small tweaks to it, which restored some nice details that got lost as a consequence of the original Helgen edits.
  • Atronach Stone tweaks - The Atronach Stone will no longer allow you to recover any magicka from food or benefit from long-term food buffs like the +2 stamina/second from some stews. You will need to consume magicka potions or absorb spells to refill your magicka.
  • Elsweyr Fondue tweaks - The previously most overpowered food in the game now grants you a 25% faster magicka regeneration and fortifies your magicka by 50 points.
  • Necromancy Tweaks - The "Necromancy" perk no longer prevents your reanimated corpses from decaying to dust once they are slain or the spell fades. You will now need the "Dark Infusion" perk to preserve your corpses.
  • No more character presets - All actors that were previously flagged as presets for the character generation are no longer flagged as such. We decided to remove this feature, because many of the presets were unique non-combat NPCs that had no other edits besides this flag. Reverting this change thus clears the records and allows other mods to freely change these actors. Furthermore, extra presets are not really necessary in the era of RaceMenu and a Nexus full of downloadable presets.

Not enough details yet? Feel free to read the full changelog. (smile)

  File Modified
PDF File Requiem-Changelog.pdf Changelog with 1.9.3 changes Nov 20, 2015 by ogerboss

(skyrim) And what's coming next? (skyrim)

This is the final release of the 1.9.x series. So after a short break, we will finally start working on the mysterious 2.0 version... (awesome) Given all the "we have plans how to improve this in 2.0" talk from us, especially me, you can likely guess that this update will require a lot of time. But don't fear, we won't work like hermits. We'll keep you updated and plan to release Alpha/Beta versions (your choice how to call them) along the way to gather your feedback. For this version we also intend to reinforce our team with a few members. I'll announce in a few days which skills we need and how you can apply if you are interested in joining the Dungeon Masters. So stay tuned!


Your Requiem Dungeon Masters

Hi everyone,

as many of you have already noticed, Arthmoor and his team have now released the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP for short), which supersedes the old Unofficial Patches for the base game and the individual DLCs. Now you probably want to know how does this affects your Requiem setup and if and when you should update?

Should you upgrade to USLEEP right now?

Even though it's technically possible, we suggest that you keep your current stable setups and don't upgrade to USLEEP until Requiem 1.9.3 is out. The compatibility patches for the unofficial patches from thetrader and Axonis will not be updated, since the upcoming Requiem 1.9.3 release will be USKP/USLEEP compliant.

How does it affect the development of Requiem 1.9.3?

Thanks to early announcement of Arthmoor months ago, we knew what to expect and could plan our implementation accordingly. The vast majority of fixes require no additional masters and they are now merged into Requiem 1.9.3. For the rest of the fixes you'll have two official options:

  • The Requiem - Bugsmasher Edition.esp patch that requires USKP and UDGP.
  • The Requiem - Bugsmasher Legendary Edition.esp patch that requires USLEEP.

And when will Requiem 1.9.3 be released?

We are currently working on the last issues and plan to to finish our work next week. Adding a few more days for the final testing and release preparations, we aim for a release in about 2 weeks.