Installing Requiem - 3.3.0 and newer


When you install Requiem the first time, you must start a new game. The changes made by this mod are too complex to be applied mid-game. There are no exceptions to this rule. Requiem will send you back to the main menu if you try to use it with an existing savegame.

In addition to installing Requiem like an ordinary mod, you will also need to generate a SkyProc patch for your personal mod-setup. A SkyProc patch is a Skyrim plugin which is generated automatically by predefined rules from the content found in your load order. As a simple example, one function of our SkyProc patcher is to bring the weapon damage and armor ratings from your favorite weapon and armor mods to Requiem's level. Requiem’s SkyProc patch is called Requiem for the Indifferent.esp and is created by a tool called Reqtificator.

If this is your first time you're installing Requiem, we strongly recommend you to start with a small load order. Requiem works quite different than the base game and you should get to know our mod the way it was intended to be at first. We suggest you avoid using mods that change combat or gameplay for your first Requiem run. (Graphics improvements are of course fine.) Once you are more familiar with Requiem, you can expand your load order to customize the experience to your preferences.


  1. Download and install all requirements:

  2. Download Requiem from Nexus Mods

  3. Follow the guide for your mod management tool:

  4. Enjoy Requiem!