Installing Requiem

You must start a new game when you install Requiem. The changes made by this mod are too complicated to be applied to existing savegames. Requiem will refuse to start in existing savegames.

Requiem makes some significant changes to the game. Some of these changes are applied using external tooling to both Requiem and third party mods in your setup. You therefore need to generate a patch plugin for your personal load-order as part of the installation process. This patch plugin is created by the Reqtificator and is called Requiem for the Indifferent.esp.

Are you playing Requiem for the first time? We recommend that you use a lightweight load-order for your first Requiem experience. You should familiarize yourself with Requiem’s mechanics before you add extra mods that alter gameplay and combat on top of it.

Requirements & Dependencies

In addition to Requiem itself (available at NexusMods), you will need the following dependencies as well: