Updating Requiem


The version numbers of Requiem versions provide guidance on the possible update paths from one release to another. Each release has a version number that is a triplet of Major.Minor.Bugfix version numbers. When you want to update your setup to a new version, the following rules apply:

  • Major version releases contain backwards compatibility breaking changes. Upgrading to a new Major version therefore always requires you to start a new game.

  • Minor version releases include new features that do not break backwards compatibility. You can upgrade your savegames to new Minor versions within the same Major version.

  • Bugfix version releases focus on fixing issues and do not break backwards compatibility. You can upgrade your savegames to newer Minor and Bugfix releases within the same Major version.

The new game requirement for Major version upgrades is a hard requirement. Requiem will refuse to update savegames to a new Major version to prevent irreversible damage to your savegames.

Update Instructions

  1. Uninstall the old Requiem version from your mod management tool.

  2. Install the new version according to the installation guide https://requiem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RSSE/pages/2651619329 and run the Reqtificator again (you don’t need to set up the Reqtificator as executable again).

  3. Start Skyrim. Savegames will update themselves after loading.

Do not apply any additional clean-up procedures when updating Requiem. In particular Requiem does not require or support a “clean save” when updating. Also, the Reqtificator generates some additional files to ensure consistency in your savegames when you recreate the patch later.